A DISTINCTIVE yellow helicopter has been spotted in the skies over Hereford.

The yellow electricity helicopter was flying over Hereford and the surrounding areas from 10.30am this morning (April 2).

The electricity helicopter flew to Hereford from Bristol Airport, where it took off at 10.11am according to Flight Radar.

It went over south Herefordshire and the city, and then into north Herefordshire.


Electricity helicopters are seen regularly above Herefordshire, and are an interesting sight for those who are interested in aircraft.

The electricity helicopters are owned by the National Grid and check power lines around the country. They are used within the electricity distribution industry for the maintenance and repair of networks and during emergency and fault conditions.

The helicopter unit is based at Bristol Airport, with the fleet being made up of five of the aircraft. The teams are part of a 4,000-strong field staff keeping the networks in prime condition, says the National Grid.