SPEEDING has been tackled on a main Herefordshire A-road.

Leominster's Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) say they set up two static speed  cameras in Kimbolton, near Leominster, and had officers on mobile patrol in and around the A4112.

A police spokesperson said: "Several drivers were spoken to about their speed and their manner of driving.


"This operation is aimed at educating drivers after a statistical road survey was carried out in the area and speeds were found to be consistently over the posted speed limit.

"There is no doubt that we will be carrying out this operation on the different areas of our patch. Watch this space!"

Rural crime tackled

Meanwhile, another operation focused on rural crime.

"We invited animal welfare officers and enforcement officers from Herefordshire Council to join us to stop and check livestock vehicles, vans, work vehicles and agricultural tractors and trailers," added the spokesperson.

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" The aim of this operation is to prevent and deter any would be offenders using our roads for the purpose of rural crime, whether that be thefts from buildings/farms or thefts of livestock. "

Cyber crime

The SNT also recently held a cyber crime presentation to a small group of older community members.

"Scams and frauds are one of the most common ways for criminals to target us and thousands of pounds are lost to scammers each day," said the spokesperson.

"This type of crime is most tragic as it also leaves the victim feeling foolish, when in fact they have just trusted the wrong person

"Offering prevention advice and tools to keep yourself safe online is our way of trying top combat the ever-growing scam/fraud market."

Anyone who would like to attend a group or session about cyber safety advice, should email leominster.snt@westmercia.police.uk and address your email F.A.O PCSO Harper.