UPDATE: April Fool! Thankfully, while plenty of great options are on the menu, jam pints are not...

A HEREFORD bar may have to rebrand due to an unprecedented demand for its jam pints. 

The Jam Factory, formerly the Exchange, made headline news due for being the first bar to exclusively sell jam. 

However, the demand has got so high, that they may have to rethink where the company is going. 


In a documentary, Jordan Reid, co-owner of the Jam Factory, said: "We sell jam beers, jam cocktails, jam and mixer, and it's so exciting to be part of a growing industry.

"None of us could foresee how it could turn out."

He added that people have been knocking on the door in Widemarsh Street every morning 'desperate for their jam', with them being referred to as 'jammies'.

General manager, Marcin Zachara, meanwhile, said that since the bar introduced jam into the venue, 'it has been extremely hard to keep up with demand'.

"People went on a craze for it," he said.

"In the current economic climate, we need to listen to what people want."

The documentary explains how one person became a victim to 'jam craze', with assistant manager, Jordan Lewis telling viewers 'how he loves jam'.

"I joined the company in May last year and I knew being around jam would be difficult," he said.

"In the last couple of months, it's started to take hold of me. 

"I think Jordan and Marcin are aware of the situation, but I don't think they know to what extent they know I how much I consume jam."

Watch the documentary until the end and see how the Jam Factory is at a crossroads, and may have to rebrand.