A Hereford man is threatening to take the county council to court over what he claims is an unfair parking fine that has since spiralled.

Edward Kowal, a life coach who also runs a design and marketing firm, said he and his disabled wife parked at the county bus station car park in the city last August.

With one ticket machine in the car park out of order and the other apparently not accepting payment, Mr Kowal and other parkers even tried calling the offices of the car park’s operator Herefordshire Council.

“I then left a clear sign on my windscreen explaining the situation,” he said, adding: “Clearly I had not intended to avoid the payment, of under £3.”


Returning to find a parking penalty notice nonetheless on his car, he remonstrated with the warden who had issued it but was told, “It’s out of my hands.”

He then claims he was told by Herefordshire Council that if he wished to appeal the fine, he should let the payment period “run out”. But when this happened, the council passed the £50 sum to enforcement firm Jacobs.

Mr Kowal said this amount has now leapt to £504, with what he believes to be a further £183 “costs” due. Bailiffs from the firm have even called at his parents’ house where the car is registered, he said.

He is now looking at taking the council to court over what he calls its “completely unjust” behaviour, and claims his case is not unique.

Herefordshire Council did not respond to requests for comment on the case.