North Herefordshire MP Sir Bill Wiggin has welcomed Herefordshire Council’s decision to “remove” its director of children’s services Darryl Freeman.

Sir Bill said: “Whilst I do not blame all the issues within the children’s services department on the last director, I am hugely encouraged by the new Conservative council’s decision led by Coun Jonathan Lester to remove him with immediate effect.”

Herefordshire Council said earlier today (March 27) simply that Mr Freeman, who has held the position since September 2021, “will be leaving the council following discussions”.


Shortly after, it revealed the latest, largely critical findings of Ofsted's most recent inspection of the department.

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The MP has campaigned on behalf of the county's vulnerable children “for too long”, he said.

“I had to call in Ofsted, I asked the government to appoint a children’s commissioner, and now I have agreed to meet the Prime Minister to discuss this situation.”

Sir Bill earlier said that, having raised the matter at Prime Minister's Questions in Parliament, “I continue to learn some terrible stories from families who rely on children’s services.”