FOUR military helicopters have been spotted flying over Hereford.

The helicopters were seen over Rotherwas today (March 25) at around 2.45pm, flying close together.

The Apache MK1 helicopters went on a flypast around England and Wales today before their retirement.

These helicopters have been used by the British Army for decades, including in Afghanistan.


Other military helicopters are often spotted in Herefordshire, with a Special Air Service (SAS) base in Credenhill near Hereford, and several other military activities around the county. 

The base in Credenhill, Stirling Lines, is home to four SAS squadrons, the special reconnaissance regiment, two signal regiment squadrons, and the 658 squadron AAC.

The 658 squadron uses Eurocopter helicopters, nicknamed the Blue Thunder, for domestic counter-terrorism operations and military exercises like fast-roping.

There is also the territorial army centre in Hereford itself, which often sees military helicopters come and go from its premises and flying around the county, including the Defence Helicopter Flying School.