A HEREFORDSHIRE school has praised by Ofsted for how it values everyone.

Inspectors recently visited Eardisley CE Primary School and has published its ungraded report. 

It said that the village school is well-led and does much to support and celebrate everyone. Whether it be for academic achievement, contribution to the community or being a good friend, the school is quick to notice, praise and encourage.

"Consequently, pupils feel valued," said the inspectors. 


They enjoy school, feel safe and have many opportunities to do lots of different things. From performing in the local village hall to sharing their ideas with government, pupils get involved in both local and national matters."

"This school does many things well. Academic standards are typically strong, and pupils study a broad and rich curriculum in many different subjects. Values-driven leadership steers the school with thoughtful care and proven impact.

"Staff say that they enjoy working here and that school leaders are mindful of their workload and welfare. They feel supported in their jobs.

"Governors are well informed about their role and are very active in their support for the school. Together with school leaders, they are ambitious for every pupil and have created a supportive and open culture."

However, the report did highlight that ' curriculum design and staff confidence in some foundation subjects are not as strong as in other subjects'.

"The school should continue to strengthen curriculum design and further develop staff subject knowledge in these subjects," said the inspectors.

"This should be done so that pupils make even better progress across the whole curriculum."

Phil Whittall, Chair of Governors, said, ‘what really came through in the report is that everyone is valued and supported… the school enables everyone to succeed’