A HEREFORDSHIRE bar that was banned from serving alcohol last year is still unable to sell its famous cocktails because of neighbours' objections.

Tweet Bar and Kitchen in Ross-on-Wye, previously Leonards at 39, had no alcohol licence from November to February.

Hereford Times:

It was able to go back to serving alcoholic drinks for a short period in February under a temporary licence while it awaited a council decision on whether it would be allowed to serve alcohol long-term.

But after local people raised concerns, the bar has been stopped from serving alcohol again and must wait for the council's decision.


A spokesperson for Tweet Bar and Kitchen said: "Temporary licences took us through the period of consultation for our new licence. But four residents nearby took advantage of the situation to object due to noise. 

"We are in a high street, after all, surrounded by pubs and bars. The objections do not make much sense.

"A date has been set for a hearing at the end of this month after which it should be sorted."

The bar has welcomed customers to bring their own bottles, free of charge, during the period it has gone through without a licence.

Although it is well known for its cocktails, Tweet also has a food menu serving tapas and main courses, as well as sharing platters and desserts.