HEREFORDSHIRE Council is to be commended for starting repair of the Governor’s House at the Country Bus Station.

It is hoped this encourages owners of other neglected listed buildings in the county, such as the Hop Pole Hotel in Bromyard, Royal Oak in Leominster, and Elmhust in Venns Lane to do likewise.

On the other hand, the shelters at the bus station are not in ‘disrepair’ and do not need replacing (Unused for six years, but bus shelter still costs us, February 29 and Letters, February 15), particularly as the site will be redeveloped in line with the city masterplan when the transport hub is completed.


The £230,500 funding, mainly from Marches LEP, ring-fenced for ‘urban greening’ and time limited to March 2024, was approved nearly three years ago by the previous Independent and Green administration largely for in-ground planted street trees at various identified city locations where the right trees in the right places would bring long-term benefits for air quality and well being.

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Challenging the council, I was told the switch was due to ‘changed priorities of the current administration’. There was no consultation, not even with the ward councillor.

Nonetheless. I advised against the 11th hour volte-face. Their hubristic belief a sedum roof on a short-term shelter ticks the box for urban greening is all you need to know about the Conservatives.


City councillor for Central (Green Party), Hereford