RIP Hereford’s farming industry.

Farming produces 11 per cent of greenhouse gases. It appears Government has decided to shut down the farming sector to meet its climate target.

The Environment Agency is the Government’s main agency enforcing this draconian policy, jailing and fining farmers, with a self-righteous environmental vigour akin to the Spanish Inquisition. The EA’s knock on the door in the small hours with the rubber-stamped proclamation “non-compliant” is a death knell for many a farming business (Farmers Weekly, March 1).

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Their aim is to return Hereford to forest and swamp from whence it came, interspersed with patches of weeds, whilst every forest hovel sports a bat box.

Hence, climate warming may well be averted, returning us to the freezing winters of the 1960s only made more miserable by the lack of food.

The EA claim to “work constructively with farmers”. This is like the “sad old padre” (Tom Jones) who accompanies the condemned man to the scaffold. Farmers sitting huddled, shivering, hungry, with the rest of us in the future dark dank forest might then point to the nearby tomb stone with its inscription “Hereford farming, I told you so.”


Sutton St Nicholas