I KEEP hearing about the trees that are going to be planted to make woodland areas, so I hope they will be looked after, and all the rubbish that collects on the woodland floor will be cleared to give the wild animals a chance.

Why is no one talking about planting willow trees along the riverbanks? Their roots will help to keep the banks safe, and the amount of water the tree will take up might help to keep levels a bit lower. When they have their branches trimmed, there are so many uses for the timber.

What are your thoughts?

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Why is it that the gutters are not being cleaned, and when were the drains last cleaned and washed out? Why are the leaves allowed to rot on grass areas? They then turn to mud, so no spring flowers, no bees and butterflies.

We, the ratepayers, do expect some services. Maybe pruning the branches from the trees that are growing around the telephone lines?

I could go on, but I won’t.