I MADE one of my rare trips into town today. What a very sad place it’s become, and so expensive just to stay for an hour or two!

There was a guy painting all the tree planters in High Town.

Our council couldn’t even buy maintenance-free, galvanised planters! And I know spring’s barely arrived but they’re full of litter rather than plants. Are people stealing these?


The Zipper buses are almost all empty and they will doubtless be withdrawn shortly and sold off at a huge loss.

The cart came before the horse, of course. Many just can’t get to the various stops (by bus) in the first place, before benefitting from the free service. If we’re to cut down on cars into town, park-and-rides, not more housing developments, are the glaringly obvious solution. Build in the town, convert the empty shops.

What are your thoughts?

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But I hear the council’s being given £101 million to improve local transport. My heart sinks.

It will surely be squandered away like all the other subsidies that have been allocated to help improve our city.

Oh, for some common sense in Plough Lane! But it’s not their money, is it?