I READ with interest a letter in the Hereford Times (Letters, February 22), which clearly explains how low-income and homeless people can’t afford to buy or rent at today’s prices.

It would also now seem that builders no longer have the financial backing to build these houses. The building of 90 houses in Clehonger ground to a halt this year. It would seem the builders have run out of finances, perhaps due to the high cost of materials.

What are your thoughts?

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Letters should not exceed 250 words and local issues take precedence.

These houses were for social and low-income families. Did the builder foresee that low-income families would not now be able to afford these houses?

After all, the builder needs to make a profit. Many factors should have been considered before work started.

These factors have all been listed in the past, local people simply are not listened to. At times I wonder why the council do not listen to the people of this county.