Pollution in the Wye is worse than ever and has had a disastrous effect on the river’s iconic salmon population, Herefordshire anglers say.

Nearly nine out of ten samples from the river taken last year by Trevor Hyde of Ross-on-Wye Angling Club showed levels of phosphate above national standards.

Mr Hyde has seen contamination levels continue to climb during the four years he has been testing the river water at the canoe launch in the town’s Riverside Park and the Salmon Hut at Weirend.


On one occasion last November, levels of the pollutant were too high to be accurately measured by testing equipment.

Meanwhile in the most recent fishing season, only four salmon were caught and released by members of the club, which says this is mirrored elsewhere on the river.

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“It’s heart-breaking to see the devastating consequences of unchecked phosphate pollution in our beloved river Wye,” said club chairman Rob Leather.

“Trevor’s tireless work proves yet again that despite the massively increased awareness of the problem, nothing of substance has yet been done to adequately address the root causes of agricultural waste and sewage entering the river.”

The findings will be discussed at the club's AGM tonight (March 5).