HEREFORDSHIRE villagers are angry about the state of a road in their area, with one man saying the community are left in "despair and desperation".

A road in Hamnish, a village near Leominster, has been the subject of complaints by locals because of its poor surface, which is "littered with potholes".

One complaint on Fix My Street, submitted earlier this year, says: "The road surface for 50 yards near Rowley Lodge Farm is littered with potholes and needs a complete resurface."

The affected road runs past Hamnish Church.

Hereford Times: The road surface in Hamnish, as of February 2024The road surface in Hamnish, as of February 2024 (Image: Rob Davies)

Locals say the road has been in a poor state of repair for years, with Stephen Parker having previously spoken to the Hereford Times about problems with potholes in Hamnish over 10 years ago.

But Mr Parker says the conditions have not improved since, and that he and his neighbours feel "ripped off".

He said: "It is quite shocking to be honest as we are being ripped off. We are paying a lot of money to the council and we are not getting any value for money. We're not going to put up with it. Enough is enough for the people of Hamnish."

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Hereford Times: Stephen Parker and David Cornwallis on the affected roadStephen Parker and David Cornwallis on the affected road (Image: Rob Davies)


Hereford was recently named the "pothole capital of England", as a study found that Hereford had more potholes than any other area in the country, with 25,000 being reported to the council last year alone.

The council was found to be struggling to keep up with demand with figures showing just half of potholes being filled.

Herefordshire Council has been approached for comment on the state of the road in Hamnish.