A STUNNING scene lit up the night sky in Herefordshire last night (March 3) as the aurora borealis was captured on camera.

An incredible picture was snapped in Wormbridge, Herefordshire, by Hereford Times Camera Club photographer David Howie.

Hereford Times: The aurora borealis pictured at Wormbridge

The Met Office said the northern lights are best spotted from Scotland, northern England, northern Wales and Northern Ireland, but under "severe weather conditions" can be seen further south. 

This, however, is rare, with the unusual occurrence only taking place in the event of conditions like strong geomagnetic storms.


They are most visible in remote, open spaces that are high off the ground, such as hills, and away from light pollution. 

Outside the UK, the northern lights are typically best seen in areas closest to the Arctic, like Iceland and Scandinavia.

The stunning display is caused by particles from the sun carried on solar winds interacting with the atmosphere after being channelled to the polar regions.