A CAR ended up submerged in floodwater in Hereford today (March 2).

Sara Jones captured the vehicle in Lower Bullingham Lane, on the outskirts of the city. It is understood that a rescue operation has taken place.

The road is completely flooded, as well as nearby Windsor Road. 

Hereford Times: Lower Bullingham Lane is again floodedLower Bullingham Lane is again flooded (Image: Sandra Parker)

Hereford Times: The floods has spread into Windsor RoadThe floods has spread into Windsor Road (Image: Sandra Parker)

Lower Bullingham Lane notoriously gets flooded whenever there is heavy rain. 

On December 4, a woman had to be rescued from her car after it got stranded. 

Two fire engines were sent, with a cordon in place to close the road. 


Later that month, the other end of Lower Bullingham Lane was flooded. Resident, Alex Finley spoke about the issue in light of plans to build 540 homes in the area.

"As well as putting the right stuff in place, they also have to think of how it is going to affect the people around them," he said.

The rain today follows snows that fell in the county, leading to treacherous conditions on some roads.

It is forecast to freeze overnight, with tomorrow (Sunday) being a dry day.