TWO distinctive helicopters with yellow colours have been spotted in the skies over a Herefordshire town.

A black and yellow Defence Flying School helicopter and a yellow electricity helicopter were flying over Ross-on-Wye and the surrounding areas from 3pm onwards this afternoon (February 29). 

Although they both flew over Ross at a similar time, they then went in opposite directions.

The Defence helicopter flew towards Hereford while the electricity helicopter went south, over the Forest of Dean.


The Defence helicopter had taken off from Monmouth and the electricity helicopter began its journey in Weston-under-Penyard. Flight Radar says they both took off just after 3pm.

Both helicopters are seen fairly regularly above Herefordshire, but are still an interesting site for those who are interested in aircraft. 

The Defence helicopter is a military aircraft and trains people in flying, while the electricity helicopter is owned by the National Grid and checks power lines around the country.