I READ with interest your article regarding Herefordshire Council providing a collection service for garden waste (Garden bins fees mooted, February 22).

They are suggesting a fee of £55 for a pick-up service between March and October. At present I pay £80 (April 2023) for a fortnightly collection year-round provided by The Green Waste Club run by Biffa. A slightly cheaper service than the new proposed council service.

What are your thoughts?

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I have used it regularly through the winter. My annual hedge cuttings alone took many collections. That is besides winter fruit tree prunings, early spring, and late autumn waste. I have made my case to the appropriate person at Herefordshire Council for an annual collection and I urge people who use the Green Waste Club annual service to contact Herefordshire Council too.

A house-to-house collection is obviously a greener and cheaper option than using fuel to drive regularly to the local tip. I find the existing service excellent and suggest the council will not be able to do a better job. I would be extremely disappointed to lose the existing service.