DO we really need more from the Tories after the last 14 years (Letters, February 15)?

Shouldn’t we be asking how do we achieve change for the better? Never before have the press and the Tories been so out of touch with a public that they are supposed to serve. It’s finally over for them, so they don’t need any encouragement.

What are your thoughts?

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There is an online plan backed by Carol Vorderman to hopefully push the Tory party into the history books and work towards a fairer Britain and change the first-past-the-post system that has kept them in power for far too long. Not only that but it will allow us the voters to hold the next government to account and they should realise if it happened to their predecessors it could happen to them.

We deserve our votes to matter, our NHS to work, our public services to be funded, and our lives to be better. It’s long overdue.