A BADLY behaved German shepherd from Herefordshire has starred in a popular TV programme. 

Storm, from Ross-on-Wye, appeared in Channel 5's Dogs Behaving Very Badly on February 27, after owners Melissa and son Josh issued a plea for help from expert dog trainer Graeme Hall.

Ross-on-Wye-based Melissa had bought Storm as a companion for her son Josh, who has anxiety and autism, with the hopes that a dog would help him to relax, make friends, and get out and about, the programme heard, but her plans had "spectacularly backfired".

Storm's embarrassing behaviour had left the family struggling to walk their much-loved pet in the area and to settle in to their new home, believed to be in St Mary's Garden Village.

A short walk near their home revealed the extent of the problems, with Storm starting to whine and shake as the family geared up to leave, and barking incessantly during the walk. 

But while Melissa wondered whether Storm was scared of the outdoors, trainer Graeme had a very different take on the situation, suggesting that instead the German shepherd was "so excited" by going out that her behaviour was getting out of hand. 

"We need to bring that down a notch," he told the family.

Graeme quickly brought in a scheme of training, taking the family to a secure dog field where they could work on Storm's behaviour without distractions, before moving elsewhere to bring distractions in.

To find out how they got on, head on over to the Channel 5 website, where the episode is available to watch online.