A CHAINSAW was used to force entry at a Hereford home today as police carried out a drug raid.

Hereford Times reporter Paul Rogers joined officers as they attended the property in Red Norman Rise, off Roman Road, after receiving intelligence that Class A drugs were being used there.

No arrests were made, but drugs - believed to be ecstasy - were found and will be taken away for analysis.

Hereford Times: Police will take away these drugs for analysisPolice will take away these drugs for analysis (Image: Hereford Times)

Hereford Times: Police search a bird cage for drugsPolice search a bird cage for drugs (Image: Hereford Times)

The warrant was part of a series of raids that took place in the county today (February 28) as part of Operation Forefront. 

Earlier this morning, a woman in her 40s was arrested on suspicion of dealing Class A drugs at a raid in Lowfield Meadow, Kingstone, which our reporter also joined police for. 


Although no drugs were found at the home, several mobile phones were found.

Four weapons were also found, with two - a BB gun and an axe - being seized. 

Hereford Times: These weapons were found at a home in KingstoneThese weapons were found at a home in Kingstone (Image: Hereford Times)

During the raids, detectives were assisted by a police dog who sniffed out the properties for any signs of drugs. 

Hereford Times: Police leaving the address in KingstonePolice leaving the address in Kingstone (Image: Hereford Times)

Operation Forefront has been set up by West Mercia Police to highlight what the force does in targeting criminals and enhancing community engagement. 

As well as the drugs raids, speed checks were carried out in north Herefordshire, with other community engagements in other parts of the county. 

Herefordshire Herefordshire Local Policing Commander, Superintendent Helen Wain, said: “Today saw Herefordshire LPA showcasing the work we carry out to protect the communities we serve not just on days of action like this, but 365 days of the year.

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“Law-breaking of any kind will not be tolerated by West Mercia Police, and I hope this intensive day of action will send that message to would-be criminals.

“As always, the public we are here to protect and serve, have a very important part to play in helping to keep crime out of our communities across Herefordshire, as they are our extra eyes and ears in the continuing fight against crime.”

Police Crime Commissioner John Campion joined the raids to see first-hand what the team is doing on a daily basis. 

He said: “I regularly speak to residents who want to see police officers on the beat tackling crime. I welcome the positive results of Operation Forefront which has rightly put a focus on visible and accessible officers working in the heart of communities tackling your policing priorities."