HEREFORD has lost many popular shops over the years, many of which are missed by Hereford Times readers.

One shop our readers have been reminiscing about on the We Grew Up in Hereford Facebook page is Sid Wright Limited.

Sid Wright Limited was a fruit and vegetable shop, originally founded in Eign Street and called the Bazaar. It sold fruit, vegetables and fish, and had a cafeteria.

The company steadily flourished in the city and in its heyday had a wholesale warehouse in Little Berrington Street, three shops situated in Whitecross, Eign Gate and the Oval at Belmont, a farm in Kingstone and a depot in Cardiff.

Peter Bayley Wright took over from his uncle as managing director of the business after serving with the Royal Air Force in the Second World War, and was the third generation of the family to become a fruit trader.

Later in the 20th century, the fruit empire slowly shrank as large supermarket chains arrived in Hereford, and eventually it closed for good.

One member of We Grew Up in Hereford, Carol Steele, remembered the shop and said: "I used to buy my fruit and veg here."

Elaine Bilbao commented: "I totally remember my mum shopping there."

Pauline Carnes said she loved their cafe, with Sheila Shaw remembering her favourite menu item: an egg and lettuce roll.

Brian Dukes said that his mother-in-law used to work at the shop in the late 1950s. He said: "After the fruit was weighed, an extra couple of items were dropped in for good measure."


Others said they had experience working at the shop when they were young.

Paul Rollinson did a day of work there when he was 14 and said: "Sid Wright was a big part of Hereford. I remember helping deliver potatoes for one day when I was around 14, around the county."

Julie Pitfield added: "I had a Saturday job in school holidays in early '70s at Sid Wrights at the Oval as my grandad worked there. He used to buy us cakes at lunchtime from the bakery. Great memories."

Alison Barker said there didn't seem to be a minimum working age at the shop, and that she remembered doing some work there when she was around 10 years old, but her dad had been the boss there.