Brockhampton Court's captivating history intertwines with the stories of remarkable women who have left an indelible mark on its legacy. Originally built in the mid-18th century as a small rectory, the home underwent significant transformations, reflecting the resilience and vision of the women who played pivotal roles throughout its history.

In the 1885, Brockhampton Court, Herefordshire, was purchased by Ebenezer D. Jordan of Boston, USA. The property was dramatically altered into a beautiful home by Mr Ebenezer as a wedding gift to his daughter, Alice Madeline Foster. After her marriage to Colonel Arthur Wellesley Foster, Alice became the driving force behind intricate changes, ensuring no expense was spared on the best English craftsmen available. She commissioned a renowned architect who employed William De Morris for tiling in some of the bathrooms and the hall fireplace and supported the creation of unique features, including a thatched church at the end of the drive. 

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Alice became renowned for musical encouragement in the county. From bells on her cows to having classical composer, Sir Edward Elgar to stay and play the house organ on several occasions. She further organised for Brockhampton to have the first home electricity in the county.

Alice went on to become the first female magistrate in Herefordshire, a trailblazer who was responsible for the foundation of the WI and for the building of a beautiful new church at Brockhampton, one of only two thatched churches in England. This church was later identically replicated on the 21st and 22nd floors of a Japanese skyscraper in Osaka as a special and unusual place for people to get married.

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Her generosity extended to Ross and Hereford County Hospitals and the Hereford Cathedral. She funded the entire operating theatre at Ross-on-Wye Cottage Hospital and was a driving factor in improving the cathedral lighting. This kindness has been continued by her descendants. 

In 1931, Drusilla Madeline Foster, granddaughter of Alice and Arthur, took over the running of Brockhampton Court after her marriage to Gerard Leigh Clay. During their stewardship, the Court continued to be a beacon of influence and heritage.

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A new chapter unfolded when Dr. Christopher Allen and his wife, Valerie, purchased the property. Valerie Allen played a pivotal role in the extensive renovation and restoration project that transformed Brockhampton Court from a hotel into the beautiful and comfortable care home it is today. The building was completely rewired, replumbed, and modernised under her meticulous oversight. In 2007, a new wing was added, reflecting Brockhampton Court's commitment to modern amenities.

Continuing the legacy of the inspiring women who have shaped the history of Brockhampton Court are the current staff of Brockhampton. Dr. Christopher Allen notes they are "very proud of" their staff, 15 of whom have worked at Brockhampton for more than 10 years and six who have worked there for over 20.

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Brockhampton Court's journey, shaped by extraordinary women, serves as a living testament to resilience, vision, and the enduring spirit of transformation. As we celebrate International Women's Day, we honour the legacy of these pioneering women whose contributions echo through the halls of this historic care home in Herefordshire. 

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for enhancing the lives of residents, Brockhampton Court stands as a testament to unique and unparalleled standards of care in senior living.

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