SO the CCTV that supports businesses, deters and detects crime in Hereford and the market towns has been saved… for now (Saved... for now, the CCTV system that keeps us safe, February 15).

Herefordshire Council was left with little choice but to make up the shortfall at least till April next year, probably at the expense of another vital service.

The sudden decision to axe the long-standing CCTV funding contribution from the city council was made by a majority of Lib Dems outvoting the Greens and Independents.

That is democracy. However, there was no prior consultation with stakeholders, not even with me as the city councillor for Central, the ward most affected.

What are your thoughts?

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For those eligible to pay council tax, Hereford’s CCTV operation, for Band D, costs approximately £2.80 per year.

The city and market towns contribute as they have the cameras, but many will pay less and for those in hardship nothing at all. The money has to be found. It probably matters little whether it is levied through the parish, county, or police, but a combination is fair.

Hurrah for the Lib Dems who can now claim a de facto cut in the city rate, albeit a trivial one.

But at what risk to city finances and to public safety?


City councillor (Green Party)