A SUSPECTED flasher has been arrested following reports of an indecent exposure incident in Herefordshire.

West Mercia Police were called to the recreational grounds at Bye Street in Ledbury at around 3pm on February 13. Officers said an individual was seen to be "exposing themselves" in the grounds.

A man was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure.

Indecent exposure is defined by West Mercia Police as when someone deliberately exposes their genitals to frighten or upset someone else.

It is distinct from the separate offence of outraging public decency.


A police spokesperson said: "Ledbury Safer Neighbourhood Team, thorough investigation work and local knowledge, were able to trace the vehicle the male got into. Via community engagement the SNT team then identified the individual's location on February 14. Subsequently the individual was arrested for the offence.

"Collaborative working with the community helped this investigation. The SNT thank those who came forward."


The police advises victims of indecent exposure to look away and move away, not to engage directly with offenders and not to show a strong emotional reaction.

They say victims may feel anxiety, fear and feelings of violation and alarm.

If it's definitely safe to do so, victims should consider taking a photo of indecent exposure offenders from a safe distance, and should report incidents like these to police if they can.