MEMBERS of the Royal family are visiting Hereford today (February 19).

Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester, will visit Hereford Cathedral today, according to the Royal Diary.

An entry in the Royal Diary says: "Patron, Cathedral in Pilgrimage (His Royal Highness) and Patron, Cathedral Music Trust (Her Royal Highness) will visit Hereford Cathedral, Cathedral Close, Hereford.

The Duke of Gloucester is the late Queen Elizabeth II's cousin and a full-time member of the Royal Family. He attends events in support of the King, as well as undertaking public duties and engagements reflecting his own interests and charities.


He is associated with over 150 charities and organisations, including related to international humanitarian issues, heritage, the environment, and the military.

His wife, the Duchess of Gloucester, is Danish-born and often accompanies the Duke on his royal visits.

The time of today's royal visit has not yet been given.