SO the National Insurance contributions cut is ‘the first step in the right direction’ (Talking Point, February 8) for North Herefordshire MP Sir Bill Wiggin whose party has been in charge of UK finances since 2010.

What have he and they been doing then all this time? Taxes are at their highest level for decades yet public services have reduced enormously.

He has been one of the most loyal supporters of every government since 2010 (including the Johnson and Truss administrations, though I use that term loosely!), without pressing them to tackle the low-wage economy and poor housing in Herefordshire. 

What are your thoughts?

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31 per cent of county jobs pay less than the living wage and combined with poor housing this means one in five of our households, especially in rural areas, are in fuel poverty (more than in West Midlands and than England overall) and 4,300 children in the county live in poverty (figures from latest county joint strategic needs assessment using mostly government figures e.g. Dept for Business).

So what’s the plan if you want North Herefordshire votes in the election, Sir Bill?

I’ll wait. Actually, I won’t, I’ll be campaigning to get this government out and you with them.


Executive committee, North Herefordshire Labour Party