ONCE again bravo Herefordshire council, how proud you must be with your latest accolade (City is the pothole capital of England, February 8).

On another note, are we going to see any more massive ashtrays and rubbish bins (better known as tree planters) across the county? How much did we spend on those? Nearly £1 million.

What are your thoughts?

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It’s great to see our taxes being spent responsibly, and talking of responsibility, it’s good to see we pay our council’s top man a top salary (probably because of all the pressure he is under) of almost twice what the Prime Minister gets to run the country!

It’s good to see Herefordshire Council have things all in hand. Maybe they could fill the potholes and call them planters.

Just think of all the lovely trees across the county! At least as drivers we could possibly see them and avoid them.



Editor's note: The Prime Minister claimed a salary of £75,440 in 2022-23, according to Goverment data, while Herefordshire Council chief executive Paul Walker was paid a salary of £143,000 in 2021-22.