THERE has been unseasonable mild weather today (Wednesday), with Hereford helping make it the warmest day of the year in England 

Warmest place in England

According to Dave Throup, the former Environment Agency area manager, the city reached 16.6 Celsius - nearly 13 degrees hotter than Braemar in Aberdeenshire. 

The average temperature for the UK in February is between seven and eight degrees. 


Weather forecast

The Met Office says it will stay cloudy this evening with rain and drizzle, some being heavy overnight. It will turn murky around hills, with a minimum temperature of 9C ensuring it will still be mild. 

Cloudy skies will mean that tomorrow (Thursday) will also be warm with highs of 15C, with brighter spells possible in the morning. 

Friday (February 16) will mainly dry with only a low risk of showers; however, rain is forecast for Saturday (February 17) before the week ends with sunny spells on Sunday (February 17). 

The mild spell will then continue into next week.