AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after a flasher was reported in a Herefordshire town.

West Mercia Police officers are currently looking into a report of an indecent exposure which happened around 3pm in Bye Street, Ledbury on February 13, a spokesperson said.

Indecent exposure, legally called just 'exposure' and sometimes known as 'flashing', is defined by the West Mercia Police as when someone deliberately exposes their genitals to frighten or upset someone else.

It is distinct from the separate offence of outraging public decency, which is when someone does something lewd, obscene or disgusting in the presence of at least two members of the public.


What to do if it happens to you

“You might feel anxiety, fear and feelings of distrust and violation,” a spokesperson for the West Mercia Police said.

“Or you might not feel alarmed or distressed at all. There is no right or wrong way to feel.”

“Look away and move away, if you can, don't engage directly with the offender.

“Try not to show a strong emotional response.

“If it's definitely safe to, consider taking a photo of them from a safe distance.

“Report it to us, if you feel you can.

“It takes courage to report something uncomfortable, but if you feel you can talk to us, we'll always take you seriously.

“Your report can help us stop it happening to someone else. Sometimes people who commit this type of offence go on to commit more serious offences.”