A large former poultry shed at a Herefordshire farm can be turned into seven houses.

Mr C Parker applied to convert the 1,320-square-metre building at Wells Farm, Tanhouse Lane near Cradley, into what were shown on plans as one three-bedroom and six two-bedroom properties.

A previous attempt to secure approval for the conversion was refused in July 2022 due to concerns over lack of natural light and over road safety emerging from the farm.


Permission had earlier been given to convert the shed into business premises but this had not been implemented.

Cradley & Storridge parish council objected to the resubmitted proposal, “in particular, the lack of door-level windows”, and said it was “very concerned about the potential increase in traffic on this narrow lane”.

A further 13 public objections were lodged.


Neighbour Gary Leadbetter said successive applications at the farm were “becoming more convoluted and difficult to follow”, with “plans that were refused, plans that were approved with conditions, applications for prior approval that were refused, plans that have now expired and plans that were approved with conditions but not completed”.

The latest plan “is not in any way in keeping with the surrounding area”, he said, while future residents would be reliant on cars.

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But a transport statement submitted with the revised application appeared to satisfy planning officer Perry Lowson, who pointed out that the residential scheme would generate similar levels of traffic to the approved commercial use.

An internal daylight report also addressed the natural light issue.

An investigation of potential contaminants at the site, and remediation works if necessary, are to be carried out as a condition of the approval.