A PICTURE of a 15th Century house that was said to be the inspiration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Hound of the Baskervilles has evoked memories for many people - including those who lived there.

Posting on the Hereford Times Camera Club on Facebook, Liz Barrett explained she had drove past a lovely house on the way to Kington and would love to know its history, saying 'she had never seen another house quite like it.'

The house in question is Hergest Court, which is just a few miles from Kington.

It is believed to have been built on the site of an earlier building in around 1430 for Thomas Vaughan, who died while fighting for the Yorkists at the Battle of Edgecote, Northamptonshire in 1469.


Local legends suggest the presence of a ghost known as Black Vaughan, whose evil, shape-shifting shade haunts the house to this day, accompanied by the ghost of a dog believed to be that of his own dog and reputedly the inspiration behind Hound of the Baskervilles.

Ben Jones said he lived at Hergest Court as a boy and 'it is a significant building and political persuader in the battle of Mortimer's Cross and the War of the Roses.

"There is a tunnel from the cellar to the Vaughan Chapel in Kington Church," he said.

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"When I lived there in the late 80s there was the haunted side (black and white side) and the farm manager occupied the unhaunted side. My stepfather was the farm manager.

"English Heritage cleared the pool and found remnants of a snuff box where Black Vaughan's soul was banished too by the local clergy in Kington. The tunnel is very significant.

"As a pale dark-haired lad the locals must have thought I was from the dark side when I mentioned where I lived. I had free reign of that entire farm as a boy.

"The black and white side has some of the oldest door locks and hinges in Radnorshire. Oak panelling throughout. A truly beautiful building but extremely cold in more ways than one."