A SHOP owner says it is right to ban disposable vapes - however, the Government should not crack down on the flavours. 

The sale and supply of disposable vapes will soon be banned in England, Scotland and Wales to help protect children's health. 

According to the Government, the number of children using vapes has tripled in the last three years and there is strong evidence to suggest that cheap and easy-to-use disposable vapes are partly to blame.


As well as the ban, the regulation of vape flavours, packaging and how they are displayed in shops will also be strengthened, with trading standards having the power to issue 'on the spot' fines of up to £100 to anyone selling tobacco and vapes to children.  

To crack down on underage sales, trading standards officers will have the power to issue an ‘on the spot’ fine of up to £100 when they spot the sale of tobacco and vapes to children in England and Wales.

Hereford Times: Simon Field thinks the Government should not crack down on the flavoursSimon Field thinks the Government should not crack down on the flavours (Image: Rob Davies)

Last month, police seized a large number of illegal vapes in Hereford after officers carried out test purchases to ensure they are abiding by the law. 

Simon Field, who owns CCR Vape Bar in the city's Broad Street, has been in the industry for around 10 years. 

He said: "I've said from the first day that they [disposable vapes] should be banned because of the single plastic use. The wastage is atrocious. 

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"I would rather not see them - ones with devices and oil are healthier versions of vape.

"Some corner shops sell illegal vapes and are selling to underage kids which is disgusting - they just do it for a profit. 

"But I don't agree with the Government banning flavours because that will be our industry gone.

"Some of the names could be banned like cotton candy, skittles, but what is wrong with having flavours?"

Hereford Times: CCR Vape Bar is in Broad Street, HerefordCCR Vape Bar is in Broad Street, Hereford (Image: R)

Mr Field added that he is happy to work alongside pharmacies to ensure the best solution is reached.

"Kids do come in but we always ask for ID," he said. 

"But you can never stop their parents buying them.

"We have worked hard to set up this business and research new products. Vaping is healthier than smoking and the end goal is for people to get off the vapes."