A POLICE officer who was based in Herefordshire and lied about his financial situation has been banned from serving any UK force ever again.

At a misconduct hearing today (February 8), Richard Davis was found to have breached standards of professional behaviour.

The 53-year-old had been based in Herefordshire and knowingly provided false, misleading or inaccurate verbal and written statements about his financial situation.

Police said that this was exposed by the anti-corruption unit.

The former police constable had already resigned, with West Mercia Police saying he "would have been dismissed" if he hadn't already left.

Davis' behaviour was unacceptable, temporary deputy chief constable Richard Cooper said.


"Police officers have a duty to disclose details of any financial difficulties to the force, both during initial vetting and throughout their career. This is essential to protect from becoming vulnerable to blackmail or corruption.

"As a force we are realistic and compassionate and know that times are tough for many people at the moment. Support is readily available for officers.

"We will not let individual officers undermine the credibility of the force by acting dishonestly and fraudulently."