I’M a 74-year-old female who had misfortune to fall on Christmas Eve, badly breaking my leg.

The ambulance arrived promptly and the lovely crew took me to A&E. I knew of long waits and people on trolleys in corridors and no beds! However, I went straight to a cubicle and was assessed immediately.

After X-rays l was admitted onto Dinmore ward. On Christmas morning I met my surgeon Mr Douglass Matthews and went to theatre at midday.

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Thanks to skills of Mr Matthews and the theatre team, my leg was pinned and plated. On Saturday that week I was transferred to Merlin ward at Ross Community Hospital. Again everyone was kind and efficient.

I was finally discharged home on January 1, where I am recovering.

I experienced the NHS working at its best. I will always have the greatest respect and gratitude for the skills and kindness of everyone I encountered on my journey. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone as the system is overwhelmed. So, please think twice before going to A&E unless you have had an accident or other emergency.