All UK motorists have been warned of a Highway Code rule that could result in a hefty fine ahead of Valentine's Day. Trust us, it'll certainly lower the mood.

While many couples will have romantic plans for February 14, motorists are being reminded to follow the laws of the road when it comes to getting to and from their destination.

This little-known fine can apply all year round in fact, not just Valentine's Day, so it is worth keeping in mind for the future for something so trivial.

Car insurance experts at say many may not know they are breaking a rule when holding hands in the car.

Greg Wilson, CEO said, “Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we want to warn motorists that showing affection to their loved one could land them in hot water. Holding hands or resting a hand on your date’s lap breaks rule 160 of the Highway Code.

“The Highway Code warns drivers who take their hands off their vehicle’s steering wheel could face a £1,000 fine and three penalty points.

"A recent Quotezone survey showed over a quarter, 26%, are struggling to afford Valentine’s Day this year so the last thing they need is additional penalty points or a fine.”

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Drivers should also be careful when transporting large or awkward gifts

A bunch of balloons or an oversized teddy bear can have an impact on your ability to see clearly out of the car windows and could land drivers with at least a £50 fine and three penalty points.

This in turn could increase up to £2,500 if the driver is deemed to be driving the vehicle in a dangerous condition.