A MUM and son from Herefordshire appeared on a popular BBC TV programme this week.

Jan and Marcus Bailey were on Pointless, a quiz programme where contestants try and get the fewest points possible. 

Jan told the host, Alexander Armstrong that she lives in a village near Hereford and is the communications lead for Herefordshire's GP Federation (Taurus.)

Alexander said he grew up in a rural practice in Northumberland so is very familiar with that territory.


"I adore Herefordshire," he said.

The couple sailed through the first round, which was to name a BBC radio presenter from any of the 16 faces pictured, but were unable to get past the next round.

That entailed contestants to choose the most obscure answers from a list of clues that included a silent h in the answer. 

Hereford Times: Alexander Armstrong, who hosts PointlessAlexander Armstrong, who hosts Pointless

Jan correctly answered architect for a person who designed buildings and advises on construction, whereas Marcus - who is studying a master's degree at Warwick University - was right when he said the 1990 film starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore with a famous pottery scene was Ghost.

However, their combined total of 166 points was 50 more than the next highest-scoring pair meaning they were eliminated.

"Mum didn't help me out, did she?," joked Marcus, to which Alexander replied, 'I didn't want to say that'.

The couple have two more opportunities to reach the final round and win the jackpot prize. However, the BBC are now showing repeats from previous episodes so viewers will have to wait several weeks before seeing how they did.