A speed limit cut to a stretch of Herefordshire A-road is among several such changes being brought in in the county. But other candidate speed cuts have been dropped.

A 50mph section of the A44 between Leominster and Bromyard is being extended westwards from Steens Bridge, where a 50mph limit has already been recently introduced, to cover the staggered Drum crossroads.

Council officials agreed with the local ward councillor and parish council that the national limit of 60mph “is not appropriate due to the poor visibility when pulling onto the A44 from the side roads”, their report says.


There were no objections to the measure, which from consultation to installation will cost around £15,000.

Other new speed changes announced in the county are a 40mph limit being brought in on the B4352, C1191 and Woodbury Lane, Moccas in the Golden Valley, down from the current national speed limit through the hamlet.

And the 30mph speed limit on the C1125 and C1126 Ridgeway Road in Sutton St Nicholas north of Hereford is being extended. This applies to the southern, northern and eastern, but not western, approaches to the village.

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Meanwhile, double yellow lines will be brought in to prevent parents parking “inconsiderately” around the bus stop outside John Kyrle High School, Ross-on-Wye.

Double yellow lines are also being brought in along with limited waiting and resident permit holder restrictions in Etnam Street, Worcester Road, Rainbow Street, School Road, The Priory and other nearby roads in Leominster, for the benefit of residents without off-street parking.

But a proposed speed limit cut to the existing 40mph speed limit to 30mph around the junction of the A4103 Roman Road with the A4110 Canon Pyon Road immediately north of Hereford was “not considered feasible”.

Nor will a proposal to cut the 30mph speed limit to 20mph at Cleeve Orchard, a residential cul-de-sac off the Roman Road, be pursued.

A proposal to bring in double yellow lines along part of the A4111 through Eardisley in the west of the county was also rejected.