A HEREFORDSHIRE farmer who was jailed for damaging the river Lugg appeared back in court earlier this month for felling trees. 

John Price, of Day House Farm, Kingsland, was fined £1,750 for not having the required licence to carry out the work in Brimfield in February 2022. 

It happened just two months after the 69-year-old used heavy machinery to remove gravel from the Lugg near his home. 


It was the second occasion that Price damaged the river, with the previous one happening in November 2020. 

For those two offences, the farmer was jailed for 12 months, reduced to 10 months after an appeal; however, he only served less than three months. 

Hereford Times: John Price beside the river Lugg in December 2020John Price beside the river Lugg in December 2020 (Image: Richard Stanton)

However, despite the Environment Agency saying Price caused "wanton destruction", many people - especially those who live in Kingsland - believe he did a good job and has helped reduce flooding in the village. We spoke to some of them. 

Simon Powney, a retained firefighter who works at Markhams Garage

Hereford Times:

"It appears to have been an improvement, has settled down and looks back to normal. 

"We're not getting the flooding problems there that we were. I've seen how it does flood there, but in the last lot of rain, we didn't have any problems. 

"If the work wasn't done, they would have had what happened last time with the water going into the houses by the bridge. 

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"But we didn't see anything like that this time despite it coming out at the usual places. 

"I will say that the general opinion around here is that Jonny has done a good job - people don't want water in their house."

Maurice Evans

Hereford Times:

"Beforehand, it would have been in the houses. I know what John Price did, but it has helped.

"Where I live, I don't get any water because I live in the village. Three weeks ago, it was right up to the hedge. Beforehand, it probably would have been in the house.


"Since he's done it, these houses have not flooded. But everyone has got their own opinions." 

Richard Collishaw

Hereford Times:

"The road used to flood. They started to clear the river and that helped drop it. 

"There is a lot of difference down at the bottom of the river by the bridge. It looks very tidy now and I'm sure the trees are going to grow back.

"I think it's stopped the river cottages being flooded. There was a lot of noise about it but I think he did a good job."