THREE people have been disqualified from keeping horses for seven years after each admitting to an animal welfare offence.

Kerry Ruth Pugh of Bosbury, Ledbury, Jessica Paige Pugh of Arlington Place, Broom Hall, Worcester, and Oliver Daelan Fairy of Tan House Lane, Malvern, appeared at Hereford Magistrate’ Court on January 30 after an emaciated horse was found in stables owned by Jessica Pugh and Mr Fairy.

In a written statement, provided to the court, RSPCA inspector Suzane Smith, said she attended a stables in Ledbury on March 22 last year, after the RSPCA received a call concerning two underweight horses.

Upon arriving at the stables, Smith reportedly found an underweight chestnut mare named Autumn, owned by Kerry Pugh, which was being kept without food, water or bedding.

She was also informed that there had been another horse, a grey mare named Totti that Oliver Fairy had on a lease or loan arrangement, which had left the yard on March 17 and had been returned to its owner in North Wales.  

Autumn was soon assessed by a vet and transported to RSPCA boarding.


The court heard that Inspector Smith was also able to locate Totti. The owner was called and a vet was able to confirm that the horse had similarly been suffering.

Totti’s weight loss was described as ‘severe’ and would have occurred over a long period of time. The current keeper was informed and treatment for parasites was recommended.

Autumn was foot sore upon arrival in RSPCA care and she received remedial farriery alongside her re-feeding programme. Although recovered her weight after worming and refeeding, it became clear that her lameness could not be resolved, and the decision had to be made to put her to sleep.

Mr Fairy pleaded guilty to one Animal Welfare Act offence concerning Totti in that he failed to meet her needs. The Pugh’s pleaded guilty to one offence relating to Autumn in that they failed to meet her needs.

All three have been disqualified from keeping equines for seven years.

Mr Fairy was handed a £450 fine, victim surcharge of £180, and ordered to pay £200 costs.

Kerry Pugh and Jessica Pugh were handed a £196 fine, a victim surcharge to pay of £78 and they were ordered to pay £200 costs.