CONCERNS have been raised about speed on a main road in Herefordshire, with police being asked to check drivers' speed more frequently.

According to Weston Beggard Parish Council minutes, more police speed checks are wanted on the stretch of the A4103 that runs through the parish.

The parish council document said that concerns had been raised about speed on the road, which has a 50-mile-per-hour limit.

The minutes said that police would be asked to perform more checks on the road. 

This was listed as one of the priorities for the parish council at the end of 2023.


Recently, a stretch of the same road had its speed limit cut, as a 40mph stretch west of Newtown Cross was extended westward.

The Newtown Cross move was backed by a consultation held two years ago, during which no objections were raised by either the police, the parish council, the ward councillor or the public.

Four accidents occurred on the road between 2016 and the start of the consultation, and residents had anxieties about entering and exiting their properties by car, and crossing the road on foot.