WITH regard to the HT report on the recent YouGov poll: I was very interested to see the poll showing the Conservative vote collapsing to 35 per cent in both Herefordshire constituencies (Poll shows Herefordshire results will be much closer this time, January 16).

This tallies with what we are finding on the ground; Herefordians are tired of being taken for granted. However, we cannot learn much from the poll’s predictions regarding vote share for other parties, as it is based on national assumptions, with zero local insight.


Everyone who lives in North Herefordshire will know that the Greens are by far the strongest party in the constituency, running an energetic campaign with hundreds of volunteers delivering multiple leaflets across the whole constituency and knocking on thousands of doors already.

The YouGov poll has simply taken a national average and extrapolated it to constituencies; it does not include any consideration of what is happening on the ground in places with strong local campaigns.

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Voters in North Herefordshire, in contrast, know that the Greens are the only party that can challenge the Conservatives here: our own data from knocking on thousands of doors locally shows that more than a third of voters in North Herefordshire plan to vote Green at the next General Election.

With the Conservatives driving voters away, there is a real chance of change here for the first time in decades.


Green Party MP Candidate for North Herefordshire, Canon Frome