ON a very pleasant sunny Tuesday afternoon, January 23, at approximately 3.30pm I walked along Broad and King Street in Hereford and noticed seven small Transit diesel minibuses parked with their engines running.

The minibuses were adorned with Hereford Cathedral School logos. Twenty-five minutes later I walked back up the same streets to see these minibuses still waiting with their engines running.

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I applaud Hereford Cathedral School for making a concerted effort to get their charges to school via buses rather than individual gas guzzling cars, but my question is: are these children so entitled as to expect warm transportation?

The poor quality air in the town centre is a direct consequence of filthy combustion engines and this has a disastrous impact on young lungs.

May I politely appeal to the transport manager and the headteacher to get a grip on this wasteful pollution of our lovely city centre?