MY wife is the treasurer of a local band of bell ringers.

On completing end-of-year accounts, the computer program said she was £300 light. After a couple of hair-tearing hours, we found the error in our computer program.


It transpired that our techie had failed to write a line of code into it accounting for money going from the deposit account into the current account, so it looked as if the £300 transferred had disappeared (into my wife’s pocket!).

Something similar happened to the postmasters. They were “Fujitsued”, and without access to the computer program, judges accepted the Post Office’s claims that their program was flawless.

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In my opinion, it is time that the CPS took the heads of the PO and Fujitsu to court on the charge that their lies perverted the course of justice.

Their defence that they did not know what was going on, while taking their millions in bonuses, should be tested in court.

Without some sort of potential jail time for the rich and powerful, how can there be any sort of faith that the judiciary will protect us, the honest little people, from being “Fujitsued” by the rich and powerful?


Sutton St Nicholas