A VANDAL who attacked two people and damaged a Hereford Pizza Hut has been sentenced by magistrates.

Peter Evans entered guilty pleas to two counts of assault by beating and one count of causing criminal damage to property valued under £5,000 when he appeared before magistrates in January.

The court heard from prosecutor Owen Beale that Evans, who was represented at the hearing by defence solicitor John Rogers, had assaulted two people by beating in an incident in Hereford on January 6.


The 36-year-old had also, intentionally or recklessly, damaged glass in a door belonging to Pizza Hut in Hereford on the same date, magistrates in Worcester were told.

Evans, of Pomona Place, Hereford, was ordered to pay compensation of £150 to one of the assault victims and £100 to Pizza Hut, with magistrates saying that they had taken his guilty pleas to the charges into account.

No order was made for prosecution costs to be paid.