LORRIES could be banned from a Herefordshire road after 'alarming' and 'potentially serious' incidents.

Gas pipework has been struck by lorries in the lane on more than one occasion in the last six months, recently published minutes from a meeting of Bromyard Town Council's Traffic Management Committee revealed.

The council heard a request from a Bromyard resident for support to implement a traffic regulation order in the town's Linton Lane to prohibit access for heavy goods vehicles as the road is unsuitable, documents from the meeting showed.

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There have been two "potentially serious incidents" in the lane since August 2023, the council was told, with gas pipework struck by lorries in the lane.

On each occasion, people living in the area have been left without a gas supply for a period of time, councillors heard.

"Members were alarmed to hear about these incidents," the meeting minutes said.

"They considered the potential risks of injury if HGVs are allowed to continue to use this narrow and unsuitable lane."


The minutes revealed that it was resolved to recommend that full council requests that Herefordshire Council implements an emergency prohibition notice for lorries using Linton Lane, with a view to imposing this as a permanent measure on safety grounds.

Minutes from a later meeting of Bromyard's full council said that councillors had resolved to approve the recommendation from the committee.

What is a traffic regulation order?

A traffic regulation order is a legal order introduced by the highway authority for the majority of the county's roads. In Herefordshire, this is Herefordshire Council.


They are required for various road restrictions including speed limits, one-way streets, weight restrictions, and on-street parking.

Herefordshire Council said the orders enable enforcement of various road regulations by the police or our own on-street parking and civil enforcement officers, with most traffic regulation orders arising from a request from local communities or the police to address specific safety, traffic congestion or quality of life issues.

"Traffic regulation order requests can only be made through your local councillor or your parish or town councillor," Herefordshire Council said.