A RECENT parking fine was vested upon our son’s car while using the Halo Leisure Centre in Hereford with his son and daughter (aged two and three years).

The car is registered to us, so the documents came to us, we paid the ‘reduced’ fine of £60 to avoid the full fine of £100.

He says it isn’t clear that any charges are due if using the outside cycle track. We have since learned that more than 500 such fines have been issued at this location between January 2 and 14 alone! It is inconceivable that such numbers of citizens are flouting rules knowingly.

What are your thoughts?

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The vast majority are likely to be parents with young children, have their ‘hands full’ and often engaged in ‘crisis management’.

The parking requirements should be as clear and easy to use as possible. This operation appears very cynical, preying upon parents (mostly), very occupied with their children and are either unaware of parking requirements or merely forget.

The extraordinary sums being collected in fines (at least £3,500 in 12 days) at this site alone, could easily be used to pay for barriers which remove this problem.


St Michaels