A WELL-KNOWN actress who recently moved to Herefordshire will star in an upcoming TV drama.

Poppy Lee Friar, who is known for her roles in Ackley Bridge and Eve, is in the cast for the BBC's new series Domino Day.

The series, created by Lauren Sequiera, follows a young witch using dating apps to hunt for humans to feed on.

Friar's character is called Geri and is one of the coven of witches that watches over the main character Domino.


She said: "When I first read Lauren Sequiera's script I was reminded of Being Human which I loved. It's a new modern idea that was really, really interesting and fun to read.

"Domino Day follows the story of a young female witch who comes from a bit of an emotionally damaged, difficult background.

"She's a witch but in a slightly different way than what you've seen before, almost vampiric.

"We follow her on this journey of discovery and reckoning with her own identity and heritage. 

"It is really fun to watch. There are things that you can certainly relate to and enjoy.

"I'd like audiences to take away the sense of friendship, encouragement, respect and help that we see from the show."

Friar confirmed she had moved to Herefordshire last year, when she announced that she would set up her own drama academy in Ross-on-Wye.

The Herefordshire Academy of Dramatic Art is based at John Kyrle High School and provides acting tuition to the local community.