A MAN who has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to a Herefordshire charity has had his work praised by the BBC.

Mike Pullin has raised £700,000 for St Michael's Hospice after founding a motorcycle club called 'the Hospice Angels'.

On the One Show tonight (Thursday), presenter Alex Jones explained how Mr Pullin has helped encourage his community to raise money for the hospice.

"When Mike retired from his job as a printer, he wanted to use his free time to help others, so he started his fundraising efforts" said Alex.


"Since then, he's masterminded some unusual ways to raise money."

Matt Ashcroft, from St Michael's Hospice, said: "He rode, with a friend of his, a horse and carriage from Ledbury all the way to London.

"That was really the start of his fundraising campaign."

Hereford Times: Mike Pullin on one of his fundraising activitiesMike Pullin on one of his fundraising activities (Image: St Michael's Hospice)

To say thank you, Mr Pullin was surprised by Alexander Armstrong, who presents his favourite quiz show, Pointless. 

Mr Pullin thought he was going on a behind-the-scenes tour, but instead ended up being a contestant. 

"The team and I are never going to pass up an opportunity to surprise someone as special as Mike," said Alexander.

"He thinks he is here with his friends for a backstage tour, but little does he know that instead of watching the show, he is actually going to get much closer to the action."

Mr Pullin thought he was being filmed by the social media team and was led to, what he believed to be a behind-the-scenes look at a full rehearsal.

Podium one was deliberately left empty, with Alexander asking if they had anyone.

Hereford Times: Mike Pullin ended up being a contestant on PointlessMike Pullin ended up being a contestant on Pointless (Image: BBC)

With some persuasion, Mr Pullin stepped in and was shocked when he was the focus of the questions, including him appearing in a picture round of famous motorcycle riders.

"You didn't come here for a tour, you came here because you are an amazing person," said Alexander.

"I am here on behalf of the One Show to say a one big thank you to you."

Roman Kemp, from the One Show, is then seen on a video screen telling Mr Pullin that his dedication over so many years has certainly made a difference, while he also received praise from actor Stephen Fry.

"Over 20 years, you have skydived, gone on motorcycle tour with the Hospice Angels - you have put your life and soul into a cause you hold so dear," said Stephen.

"We admire you so much." 

Hereford Times: Mike Pullin has raised £700,000 for St Michael's HospiceMike Pullin has raised £700,000 for St Michael's Hospice (Image: St Michael's Hospice)

Some of Mr Pullin's friends also added their thanks, including fellow Hospice Angel, Mike Privett.

""He needs all the recognition he can get," he said.

Mr Pullin said: “It’s a charity I care deeply about.

“The work carried out by those at St Michael’s is exemplary, and I have known many people who have received this care, and they have all been so grateful.

“Of course, I never thought we would reach £700,000. It’s just thanks to the generosity of our community that this milestone has been reached.

"People are kind, and only too happy to support St Michael’s Hospice, which just tells you how loved and respected the charity is.

"It’s been a memorable journey, and one I don’t wish to give up. I’ve met so many wonderful, caring people. I’ve laughed, cried and made so many memories. I really have loved every minute of it.”